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Barry Drexler

The Expert Interview Coach with 30 Years of HR Experience

A team engaged in business strategy planning, with documents, charts, and digital devices on a large meeting table

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Barry Drexler In The News

A group workshop focusing on strategies for answering difficult and tricky interview questions.
An interview coach giving a presentation on effective interview techniques to a group of job seekers.
A job applicant receiving constructive feedback from a coach over a virtual platform following a mock interview.
A job candidate practicing a professional greeting with a coach, simulating the first impression in an interview.
A vibrant brainstorming session with colorful sticky notes on a glass wall, with a team collaboratively discussing ideas.

Coaching by phone or skype ($240)

A financial analyst intently reviewing market data on computer screens, with graphs and financial charts visible.

In-person coaching with Barry ($850)

A professional workshop in session, with a trainer presenting and participants engaged in learning activities.

Full job search package ($1,400)

Two professionals having a business meeting in a café, with laptops and coffee cups on the table, in a relaxed atmosphere.
In-Person Coaching

Find a coach who truly understands your situation, and get one-on-one help instead of a one-size-fits -all solution.

A healthcare team in a hospital meeting room discussing patient care strategies, with medical documents in hand
Video Coaching

Every coach on Coach Connect has been vetted by our experts, so you have peace of mind knowing you're working with the best out there.

Construction professionals in a meeting at a building site, discussing blueprints and construction plans with safety gear.
Personalized Approach with Real Results

Have confidence that even a short amount of time working with a coach will have you seeing positive results.

Success is the combination of

 opportunity and preparation.

Be prepared for your next interview & you'll succeed by training with Barry Drexler, Expert Interview Coach & Experienced HR Executive.

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You Will Learn
An artist deeply engaged in painting a canvas in a bright, sunlit art studio, surrounded by art supplies.
About Barry Drexler
An architect working on blueprints in an office, with architectural tools and a computer, planning a building design.

Unique methods of standing out over others

A real estate agent showing a property to potential buyers, pointing out features of a modern home.

How to eliminate nervousness, project confidence, & communicate effectively

A tech startup team celebrating a milestone in their office, with a festive atmosphere and a laptop displaying their product.

How to answer behavioral, situational, & stress questions

A teacher conducting an online class, visible on a laptop screen, with educational materials and a virtual whiteboard.

Your mistakes identified & corrected through mock interviews.

A lawyer in a consultation with a client, discussing legal documents in a professional office setting

Questions to expect; best answers & proper body language & energy

A fitness trainer demonstrating an exercise in a gym, with gym equipment and participants following the routine.

How to explain gaps of employment & job changes

A chef meticulously preparing a gourmet dish in a professional restaurant kitchen, surrounded by cooking utensils.

How to get HIRED!

Barry was Vice President of HR at Lehman Brothers & Vice President of HR at Lloyds Banking Group. He also held leadership roles in HR at Towers Watson (global HR consulting firm) & Morgan Stanley.


Barry has interviewed & hired over 15,000 candidates on all levels, across all divisions and specializations.  As the Expert Interview Coach, he has trained hundreds of job candidates worldwide, from entry level to senior executives in virtually all industries and roles.

He knows first-hand what it takes to get hired.
Call for a FREE CONSULTATION at 212.461.0744 or email:

Areas of expertise

wo business professionals engaging in a firm handshake, symbolizing a successful agreement or introduction.

Financial Services

A modern conference room with executives engaged in a strategic meeting, discussing over charts and laptops.


A creative team working together on a project, surrounded by computers and design materials in an open-plan office.


Professionals mingling in a networking event, exchanging business cards and engaging in conversations, in a corporate event s


A virtual team meeting in progress, with multiple participants on a computer screen, illustrating remote work collaboration.

Entry level and internships

A diverse team collaborating in a brainstorming session, with sticky notes and a whiteboard in a bright office setting."

Health care, including medical school and residencies

A candidate and interviewer in a job interview setting, with resumes and a laptop on the table, in a well-lit office.

Marketing and Sales

A confident businesswoman giving a presentation to colleagues, with a projector screen displaying charts in the background


An employee focused on work on their laptop, with a coffee cup and notepad on the desk, in a casual office environment.


A customer service representative wearing a headset, assisting a client, with a computer and customer support tools visible.


Interview Tips

“Read the Job Description, believe that it's you, & visualize yourself already doing the job”


“Develop the ability to 'sell yourself' & the art of 'persuasion' to increase your odds of being hired ”


“Read your audience and the situation accurately and be self aware”


C”onvince yourself of your qualifications through 'self affirmations' “

An interview coach discussing strategies to manage interview anxiety with a client in a comfortable setting.
A coaching session simulating a panel interview scenario, with multiple coaches acting as interviewers.
Each Program is tailored to your background, career path, and individual needs.

Training on methods for handling in-person, group/panel, or phone interviews.

Insight on what most companies seek in candidates; what 'the right fit' means

Answering questions succinctly using the 'PAR' method Techniques for projecting the right image Methods for demonstrating how you will 'add value' Handling each round & higher levels of interviews

A focused session where an interview coach is advising a client on effective salary negotiation tactics.


An agricultural scientist examining crops in a field, holding a tablet and conducting research on plant health.

I was getting lots of rejections because of my poor interview skill. Barry effectively tutored me on the best ways to decipher job descriptions and them as a powerful tool to handle interviews. Being not only extremely helpful and resourceful, Barry also personally demonstrated to me the right attitude as a job seeker. The results were amazing.

Will Bian

A fashion designer sketching clothing designs in a studio, with fabric samples and fashion illustrations around.
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