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Expert Interview Coaching


Barry Drexler

Expert Interview Coach

Barry has over thirty years of Executive Human Resources experience including Vice President of HR at Lloyds Banking Group, Vice President of HR at Lehman Brothers, & HR Manager at the Global Consulting firm of Willis Towers Watson. He has also held other leadership HR roles within the Banking and Global logistics sectors.

Barry has interviewed & hired over 10,000 job candidates on all levels, across all divisions and specializations.  As the Expert Interview Coach, he has trained hundreds of job candidates worldwide, from entry level to senior executives in virtually all industries and roles.


Barry is a frequent on-air and written content contributor to Fox News, Fox Business, CBS, CNN, Psychology Today, and other publications, on various HR topics.


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To nail a job interview and land your dream job, mock interviews with an experienced coach is the most effective method of preparing. A good coach will predict the interview questions you can expect by matching your credentials to the open role and factoring in the level and position of the person conducting the interview. You will then participate in end-to-end mock interview from first impression through your closing statements.

Following your mock interview, the coach will provide you with feedback about the ‘content’ of your answers (i.e. what you say) and your ‘delivery’ (how you say it). The how is your communication skills, body language, demeanor, facial expressions, energy, confidence, conviction, and other verbal and non-verbal skills.

You’ll receive feedback and coaching on the areas that you need to improve (ie your skill gaps). You’ll be given practice exercises to complete and practice on your own. You will then perform additional mock interviews with feedback, until you’re ready’ to nail your next interview and get hired.  

Mock interview sessions are one hour & thirty minutes each for the first several sessions and then adjusted based upon your progress and ‘real’ interview schedule and other factors. For example, preparation for a first round phone interview with HR could take one session of one hour to prepare after your initial mock interviews. Preparing for a senior level role, final round, in-person, with a panel of interviewers, including the hiring manager, will take more time and sessions.

The mock interview sessions are recorded for you to keep and review while you practice on your own.

My expertise as an interview coach includes twenty-five years of corporate HR experience where I’ve interviewed and hired over ten thousand job candidates on every level within most job functions. The past 8 years of trained thousands of candidates in every industry. I am therefore capable of determining virtually every question you might receive in a job interview and using those questions to conduct mock interviews. They include, behavioral, sitiational (i.e. case study), technical, and frequently asked questions

Please schedule a free consultation call to find out if this is a good match for you.

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