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  • How long is each session?
    Each session is one hour and 15 minutes
  • How is the cost determined?
    Pricing is based upon each client's career level, profession, employment status, with a premium for in-person versus video sessions.
  • How many sessions do I need?
    The number of sessions needed is based upon your learning curve, the level and role of the person you will be interviewed by, and the rigors of the company's selection process. One session might be sufficient for a first round interview with a recruiter but an average of three sessions is needed if preparing to meet with a hiring manager, panel, several rounds of interviews, & companies with extensive competency based selection processes
  • How successful is the coaching?
    Nearly 100% of our clients land job offers within six months of coaching, the majority of which land within six months. Interview coaching is a major contributor, in addition to the observation that the people who seek coaching and make the effort to thoroughly prepare, are more results driven and successful
  • When are the sessions scheduled?
    Some clients complete a session the day before or even the day of their interview. While not ideal, it still provides them with a distinct advantage over other candidates and allows them to interview far better than with no coaching. Ideally, you'll want to schedule a session at least one week in advance of an important interview, particularly if you're meeting with the hiring manager or a panel. Our coaches are available on short notice and within all time-zones
  • How do I get started?
    Choose a program and schedule your first session through the following link Book Now or schedule a free consultation with one of our coaches to identify your needs and develop a suitable training program Free Consult You can also request a coaching program by emailing your resume and sample job description to or call 212-256-1255
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