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Medical Residency Interview Coaching

Applying for Medical School? Download our free guide, "5 Essential Tips to Ace Your Medical School Interview." 

Admissions boards place substantial weight on interview results when making final enrollment decisions. Your background, GPA and MCAT’s will only determine if you get an interview. However, If you fumble the interview, your odds of being rejected are high. A strong interview and solid credentials, will allow you to distinguish yourself from other applicants and substantially increase your odds of acceptance.

  • I have extensive experience and expertise in training healthcare professional

  • I’ve been highly successful training medical school graduates to place in their chosen residency programs

  • I’ve been highly successful training doctors and other medical professionals to prepare for interviews in clinical, research, nursing, pharmaceutical, scientific, and administrative roles.

Residency Program Interviews:

All of our coaching clients that we’ve trained have placed in a residency program.

Examples of our successfully placed clients include:

  • NYU Medical Center

  • Mount Sinai Medical Center

  • Johns Hopkins

  • George Washington Hospital

  • Huntington Hospital

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