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Barry Drexler

The Expert Interview Coach with 30 Years of HR Experience

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Barry Drexler In The Media

Success is the combination of opportunity and preparation.
Be prepared for your next interview and you will succeed. 

Our comprehensive interview coaching services will provide you with the skills & confidence to succeed at your next interview and land your dream job.

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You Will Learn

interview coaching Bary Drexler
About Barry Drexler
(Founder of Expert Interview Coaching)

Barry has over thirty years of Executive Human Resources experience, including Vice President of HR at Lloyds Banking Group, Vice President of HR at Lehman Brothers, HR Manager at the Hedge Fund Russell Investment Group (The Russell Index), and HR Manager at Willis Towers Watson.

Barry has interviewed and hired over 10,000 candidates at all levels, across all specializations. As an interview coach he has trained thousands of job candidates worldwide, from entry level to CEO's and C-suite Executives, in virtually all industries and job functions.

Barry is a frequent on-air and written content contributor at Fox News, Fox Business, CBS, CNBC, Psychology Today, and other media sources.

  • Unique methods of standing out over others

  • How to project confidence, reduce nerves, & communicate effectively

  • Answers to behavioral, situational, and technical questions

  • The best methods of preparing for your interviews

  • Perfect answers to explain job changes and gaps of employment

  • Your weaknesses, corrected through mock interviews

  • How to ace your next interview!

We know first-hand what it takes to get hired.
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Live Training
One Dynamic Coaching Session by live video

Stand out over others with a one-on-one mock interview, customized to your profession & qualifications

job interview preparation
Three Interview Coaching Sessions

Train with an experienced interview coach to progress through each round of interviews and land your dream job

job interview preparation

Four sessions guiding you through the entire job search, from skill assessment, career planning, resume, search strategies, interview training, 

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Areas of Expertise

  • Education

  • Engineering

  • Fashion

  • Entry level and internships

  • Marketing and Sales

  • Technology

  • Non-profit

  • Consulting

  • Healthcare

A group interview scenario with several candidates interacting with a panel of interviewers in a conference room
Interview Tips

“Understand the job description and envision yourself already having the job.”


“Work on the skill of selling yourself and the art of persuasion”


“Grow confidence by convincing yourself you are qualified. Start with some simple self affirmations.”

A home office setup for an online video interview, featuring a laptop with a webcam, headphones, and a notepad for taking not
interview coaching NYC
Our coaching programs are customized to your needs, career path, and background.

Training for all interview formats including:

  • In-person

  • Group/panel

  • Phone or video interview

You'll receive insight on what companies seek in candidates, and what 'the right fit' means.

You'll learn to:


Answer questions succinctly using structured formats including the 'PAR' method.


Use non-verbal communication skills effectively.


Sell yourself, project the right image, and demonstrate your value and fit.


Succeed through every round of interviews.

Avoid rambling and deliver concise confident answers to all interview questions.

Our coaches are former HR Executives that know exactly what it takes to get hired.

A firm handshake between a job candidate and interviewer, symbolizing the start or end of a successful interview.

I was getting lots of rejections because of my poor interview skill. Barry effectively tutored me on the best ways to decipher job descriptions and use them as a powerful tool to handle interviews. Being not only extremely helpful and resourceful, Barry also personally demonstrated to me the right attitude as a job seeker. The results were amazing.

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Two individuals engaged in a job interview, one asking questions and the other responding, in a professional office setting.
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